Windsor Hypnotist James Graham

Windsor Hypnotist James Graham

For over 20 years, Windsor Hypnotist James Graham or JimmyG as the people of his hometown Windsor Ontario know him has been delivering a mix of professional hypnosis with comedy to create one of the most unique comedy routines you’ll ever see!
Hypnotist James Graham is a corporate entertainer, but don’t let the boring word of corporate scare you away. Graham delivers a Windsor Ontario hypnotist show and has been entertaining for fundraisers, fairs, festivals, and school audiences.
James Graham‘s comedy hypnotist show gets people laughing hysterically, when they see their friends do some wild routines on stage and unleashed their imaginations to believe they are something they aren’t. Through his Windsor Ontario hypnotist profession over the years, James has also motivated people to success in many areas of life.

Who is Hypnotist James Graham?

Hypnotist James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht is also the president and founder of his own self-improvement company, MindPower Presentations Inc. which aims to provide publishing that helps people motivate themselves to success, health, wealth and even relationships!
If you’re still a little curious about Graham’s hypnosis training, James was trained personally by the great Master Hypnotist Atilla J. Khun, you might have heard of him. Graham is a qualified hypnotist individual who holds several qualifications such as a degree in Hypnotherapy from the Clinical Hypnosis Institute of Michigan, he is also certified by the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas, The Alberta Hypnosis Institute and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and is also a representative member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

How Did Windsor Hypnotist James Graham Get His Start?

James Graham found the start of his hypnotist career in a Rolling Stone magazine. He was 23 and saw an ad for a make more money hypnosis program in the magazine. The ad claimed that you could double your income in 30 days by listening to a self-hypnosis audio program. So he sent out $15 dollars to the vendor and got a cassette back. He listened to the self-hypnosis program every night at bedtime and within two weeks, Windsor Ontario Hypnotist James Graham was making twice as much money as he was before. And then he was hooked on hypnosis and started his 30 year career as an entertainer and hypnotist.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist Programs

Hypnotist James Graham provides self-improvement audio hypnosis programs like the one that started his career. He provides online hypnosis sessions. Patrons who wish to experience hypnotism in a private and intimate way can hit up James for an online session.
This local Windsor Ontario hypnotist also helps with hypnotism back guidance and advice for weight problems, smoking habits, insomnia, flight mindedness, pain release, concentration and of course how to increase your income, a practice Graham can himself vouch for!

James is always available to perform at corporate events, fundraisers, fairs, festivals, school events, university events, and even private parties. A hypnotist comedy show mixed with a hypnotism routine is a unique type of show and no one owns the niche type of hypnotist entertainment such as Graham does. Some would say he’s transformed the comedy hypnosis show niche and he’s made it into his own brand.
To contact Windsor Hypnotist James Graham, go to to see if Graham is available to entertain your next corporate event or party.

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