How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show
How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

When I get calls from clients who are looking for new and different party entertainment for events, I usually get asked, How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show?”

A lot of people have seen a hypnotist show before but all they really remember is that there were people on stage who went to “sleep”, then woke up and started doing funny things.

What they don’t see is the psychological set-up and planning that goes into making a comedy hypnotist show successful.

There are 5 processes that must occur for a comedy hypnosis show to end with a rousing standing ovation.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #1 that must take place starts weeks before the stage hypnotist even begins his amazing entertainment. And that is the promotion of the hypnosis show in the first place.

Since the general public still wonders if comedy hypnosis shows are real and are leary of hypnotists because they believe hypnosis is some kind of mind control, people must be informed well in advance that the entertainment at their event will be a hypnotist comedy show.

This allows people to get over the initial shock and surprise of the idea and begin to consider what it would be like to volunteer to be hypnotized in the hypnotist show.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #2 begins at the entertainment event where upbeat trance music may be played to get people into the right frame of mind. The hypnosis show stage will be already set with chairs lined up waiting for volunteers and banners showing the stage hypnotist displayed nearby for the audience to get acquainted with.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #3 begins with the carefully worded introduction of the comedy hypnotist. The MC will be given a prewritten introduction that contains certain phrases designed to put the audience at ease and build the authority of the hypnosis performer.  From there, the stage hypnotist will then take over and use humor as well as NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Langauge Patterns) to explain the hypnotist comedy show and entice the audience members to willingly volunteer to be in the comedy hypnosis show.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #4  is the selection of the hypnosis show audience volunteers. The comedy hypnotist will conduct several tests to discover who will make the best subjects and then invite those people to join him onstage to experience full trance hypnosis. Once enough volunteers are hypnotized, the stage hypnotist will then proceed to lead them thru a number of fun experiences which will create comedy by way of their personal reactions to these hypnotic situations.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #5 happens at the end of the performance. This is when the hypnotist show begins to wrap up and the hypnotist will bring the volunteers out the hypnosis trance, leaving them wide awake, refreshed and feeling better than ever.

So there you have it. These are the 5 processes that must happen to make a successful hypnotist comedy show.

If any of these 5 processes are skipped, ESPECIALLY the first process on the list, the hypnosis comedy show may not be quite as exciting and amazing as it should be and could quite possibly end with no-one being hypnotized.

BUT when these 5 processes are followed, the entertainment results can be absolutely mesmerizing and life-changing for all people attending your hypnotist comedy show event.