Self-Hypnosis Secrets

Self-Hypnosis Secrets

Self Hypnosis Secrets
Self Hypnosis Secrets

Sooooo what exactly is self-hypnosis secrets?
You may have heard the term “self-hypnosis”  but a lot of people don’t truly understand what it is and why it is so important to learn.

You see, self-hypnosis is a  process by which you can program your mind to accept suggestions or believe in something in the subconscious state and reprogram your mind to create a better life for yourself.

Your mind is made up of 3 sets of conscious states.

The conscious mind (also known as the awake mind, rational mind or thinking mind), the subconscious mind (also known as the unconscious mind, the emotional mind or sleeping mind) and the super-conscious mind (or the spiritual energy mind).

In our awakened or “conscious” or “Beta” state, we analyze, compare and contrast everything we are presented with.  In fact, your conscious mind is probably comparing what you’re reading right now to something you may have read or heard about this subject in the past.

Pretty cool huh?

The first of three self-hypnosis secrets is that only one state of consciousness rests or “sleeps.” This is the conscious mind. Remember this as this information will be important to our self-hypnosis conversation very soon.

Now, our subconscious mind and our Super-conscious mind never rests or sleeps.

In fact, we would die if our subconscious mind took a break as it is like a super-computer that runs our main operating programs in the background 24 hours a day until our last breath.

Our subconscious mind controls our breathing, makes sure our heart keeps beating, out blood continues to flow, our cells continue to reproduce and so much more!

It also stores every single emotion that has been attached to all events we’ve experienced in our lives AND records every single event… good bad or ugly, as an accessible memory.

Remember this piece of information as well as this will very important to our self-hypnosis conversation as well.

Finally, there is the Super-conscious mind. The most spiritual of all self-hypnosis secrets.

This is the energy field within us that is limitless creative potential. It is the true essence of all Creation and it resides inside of every living thing.

Since there are many “theories” about it and many organizations have their own thoughts about it, discussion about it can become a touchy subject which is why we will leave it out of our discussion for today. (If you have questions about how to empower your Super-Conscious Mind, contact me here)

So now that you know about your 3 minds, you now have the foundation to understand self-hypnosis secrets.

First, the words “self-hypnosis” implies that you are hypnotizing yourself… and you are!

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Even if you are working with a professional hypnotist for coaching or in a stage show, he or she is merely guiding you back into a natural state of self-hypnosis you experience every day and every night. (more info on states of self-hypnosis can be found here)

Secondly, the act of self-hypnosis is purposely quieting your conscious mind so it stops analyzing, comparing and contrasting.

Once this is accomplished, your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed with new thought programs which help you create new decisions and actions which produce better results in your life.

In future articles, we’ll get into the proper way to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind with self-hypnosis, but for now, let’s just experience a little self-hypnosis shall we?

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