Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment Services
Party Entertainment Services

Most people are not event planners but sometimes get put in the position of planning a company Christmas party or corporate event and need party entertainment ideas.

The first thing most newly appointed party planners do is think of what was done in years past and then want to do something different than what was done before. The bad news is most party entertainment services have been done to death.

Also, what happens is that most staff Christmas parties or corporate banquettes are planned by an event committee and everyone has their own idea of what is and what isn’t good party entertainment.

First, let’s take a look at what has been the most popular or shall we say “typical” top five party entertainment ideas that have been hired in the past.

Top Five Party Entertainment Services

1/ Disc Jockeys – Hiring a Disc Jockey or “DJ” is probably the number one most popular party entertainment idea. This form of event entertainment has been around since the 1960 sock hop days and is still a viable option for Christmas staff party committees who really don’t have much of a budget to work with. You can get someone to dj an event for a couple hundred bucks or rent a couple of speakers and ask your co-workers to play music from their smart phones.

2/ Bands – Hiring a band used to be very popular fifteen or twenty years ago as listening and dancing to music was the highlight of any corporate party event. Also, company parties had larger budgets for corporate entertainment, so the cost of paying for a band was more affordable for most corporations. Unfortunately, most people find bands too loud and unless their a hugely popular band like AC/DC or Bon Jovi, no-one really cares about bands anymore.

3/ Gaming Centers – Renting out a gaming center to hold your company event party or corporate retreat has become more of a trend in recent years. Gaming centers have all sorts of video games from dance competition games to first-person shooter games to classic video games like PacMan and Centipede. The idea is that the rental would come with the unlimited use of the games for the rental period. The drawbacks here are that the venue has a “children’s party” feel to it and it probably isn’t licensed to serve alcohol which is a must at any company party event.

4/ Murder Mysteries –  Having a murder mystery as your party entertainment at your event is unique. A theater troupe consisting of five to ten people will come in and mingle in costume and play out a scenario where someone is murdered at your party event. It is then up to your guests/witnesses to solve the murder and figure out who did it. I’ve seen this work very successfully at small events or dinner parties with fifteen to forty people and fail miserably at larger party events. The reason being is that in large event crowds, the whole story gets lost and the majority of the people lose interest in playing along with the entertainment.

5/ Karaoke – Karaoke is a very interactive form of party entertainment and used to be all the rage way back in the 1980s and 1990s. Usually, karaoke is provided by a disc jockey service and the DJ is the “host”. The host would invite members of the audience to come up and sing their favorite songs and everyone would cheer them on. This is a hit or miss type of entertainment because sometimes people are too afraid to sing in front of others and other times you may get someone who doesn’t want to stop singing.

Alternative Types of Party Entertainment

There are other types of party entertainment ideas like kid’s magicians, jugglers, balloon artists, and clowns but they are more suited for children’s parties as opposed to corporate events or company staff parties.

The bottom line is, nothing is more uniques, amazing and memorable than a comedy hypnotist show.  With a clean, safe trusted professional hypnotist, your staff Christmas party or corporate event will be the most talked about event party for years to come.

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