Office Party Entertainment Ideas

Office Party Entertainment Ideas

office christmas party ideas
office christmas party ideas from comedy hypnotist JimmyG

Office party entertainment ideas are always a chore for most companies. The duty of organizing the office Christmas party is usually delegated to a select few individuals in the administration side of the business. These few “lucky” folks usually have no event planner experience and even less knowledge about how much things like event entertainment cost.

Below are a few things to consider as you plan your company office Christmas party. This idea list is compiled assuming your staff holiday party needs are accommodating a group of forty to fifty people or more including guests. The list is also compiled into items you must have and items that are optional.

Must-Have Office Party Ideas

Here is a list of items for your office party that you must have first. The good news is that there are only three things you must have for your staff party.

  1. A Venue
  2. Food
  3. Entertainment

First of all, you must have a place to hold your office Christmas party. If your group is under forty people or if you have a small staff and are holding your party during work hours, your work space may be suitable for your holiday party. But, if you don’t have space or your group is over forty people, then you must choose a suitable party venue.

Some great choices are restaurants that have a meeting or banquette room. Small, medium or large halls that have kitchen facilities and food services should be considered. Golf courses can be a great consideration as they usually have banquette space and food catering. Also, the venue should be centrally located and easily accessible to all. Finally, make sure the venue has space to properly present your Christmas party entertainment for all to enjoy.

Secondly, food is a must have for obvious reasons. Choosing a venue that provides food makes your first two office Christmas party ideas easy to take care of. If your choice of venue doesn’t provide food, then you’re going to have to find a caterer. This means your venue will have to have kitchen facilities in order to prep the Christmas party food for serving.

Your third office party idea must have is entertainment. Nothing says “boring” more than sitting around talking about work at an office Christmas party. It’s been found that the number one thing people remember about any company holiday party is the event entertainment.

Choosing professional office party entertainment that will amaze your guests and will have them talking about it for months later will make your office Christmas party.
The challenge is to find professional event entertainment that will do just that. This is why a Hypnotist comedy show is such a great choice. Choosing the right Comedy hypnosis show that is corporate clean, safe and fun for all will make your office Christmas party the highlight event for many years to come.

Optional Entertainment Ideas

Now that you have the required office Christmas party idea options out of the way, here some optional holiday party ideas for you.

  1. Photo Booth
  2. Chocolate Fountain Bar
  3. Prizes for the Best Ugly Sweater
  4. Gift Stockings with Silly Presents
  5. Mystery Prize Giveaways

As you can see, most of these ideas are kind of, well… boring or typical. This brings back the point of making entertainment a top priority for your office Christmas party. Choosing great event entertainment will make your Christmas party one that will make your office staff talk about for years to come.

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