Jimmy G Hypnotist Show

Jimmy G hypnotist show is a completely amazing hypnosis show experience.

Jimmy G Hypnotist Show
Jimmy G Hypnotist Show

Hypnotist Jimmy G travels across Canada and the USA performing his comedy hypnotist show for audiences of 50 people to 500 or more.

Why The Hypnotist Jimmy G Show Is So Popular

The type of hypnotist show Jimmy G does can be best described as the ultimate un-reality show. Since the hypnotised volunteers have no idea what is about to happen, the comedy that unfolds is “unreal.” Plus, since it is a hypnotist show, it all happens in their imagination, so none of it is real. That is why the Jimmy G hypnotist show is so popular.

History of Windsor Hypnotist JimmyG

Jimmy G started as a comedy stage hypnotist back in 2010. Up until that time, Jimmy G was the President and head DJ of PartyMix Entertainment. Once he decided to become a full time Stage Hypnotist, he flew out to Las Vegas and was trained by the best hypnotist in hypnosis business marketing, Geoff Ronning. Jimmy G was then trained in hypnosis by renowned hypnotherapist, Atilla J. Khun.

At first, it was tough for Jimmy G to do his hypnosis show. He had to perform in small run down bars for door money. But soon word of his comedy stage hypnosis show grew. Eventually, he started doing corporate event entertainment, fundraiser events and college event entertainment.

He also became a huge hit for high school post prom all night parties , graduation parties and senior all night lock in parties. These are student events put on by parent committees at the end of the high school year. The idea is to keep the students from drinking and driving after prom or graduation.

Now Jimmy G hypnotist performs 60-80 shows per year, thrilling audiences everywhere. He guarantees his comedy hypnosis show will be talked about and remembers for years to come. It’s laugh a minute comedy that is completely interactive and good clean safe fun for all audiences.

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