Hypnotist Show Cost

Hypnotist show cost is always the number one question by corporate event party planners.

hypnotist show cost
Hypnotist Show Cost

Since event planning is expensive, the cost of a hypnotist show or any form of entertainment for that matter will be a major consideration.

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Budget For Your Hypnotist Show

The first thing to remember when hiring entertainment is that you must budget for it when planning your event. Not leave it until the last minute as an after thought.

This is where many event planners fall short. They book all the other amenities like food, decorations and extras. Then realise they don’t have much money left over to cover the cost of a hypnotist show.

Choosing A Hypnotist Show

The second thing to consider is that there are now hundreds of people, both men and women, performing comedy hypnotist shows.

This explosion of stage hypnotists began in the mid 2000’s and has resulted in some very good comedy hypnotists and some not so good.

This is the key reason why hypnotist show cost varies. Professional full time stage hypnotists generally charge much more than weekend hobby hypnotists.

Different Hypnotist Show Fees

Another reason for the wildly different show costs is because the top comedy hypnosis shows are performed by seasoned entertainers. Generally, low priced hypnotist shows are performed by hypnotherapists who perform hypnosis in clinical settings. Or the cheap cost hypnotist is just learning the trade and is willing to perform to get more experience.

As mentioned before, show fees range from a couple hundred dollars for a beginner hypnotist, to several thousand dollars for a seasoned veteran comedy stage hypnotist.

So what should you expect a hypnotist show to cost?

The big question is really not how much does a hypnotist show cost. The better question is how important is the success of your event?

Consider this. Corporate or charity events can cost thousands of dollars to produce. Do you really want to trust the success of your company Christmas party to the cheapest hypnotist show you can find?

Professional event planners can expect to pay at least $1500 to $3500 or more for a quality comedy hypnosis show.

These hypnotist show costs most likely include travel costs and accommodations. Keep in mind, provincial or state taxes are generally added on top of the show fee.

In conclusion, the type of event will dictate the hypnotist show cost. Below is a breakdown of average professional hypnotist show costs.

  • Corporate Events – $2500-5000
  • Charity Events – $1000-$2500
  • Fairs & Festivals – $1000 – $2500
  • College Events – $1000 – $2500
  • High School Post Prom, Grad Parties , Assemblies – $1000-$1500
  • Private Parties – $750-$1500

At the end of the day, always remember… you get what you pay for. 🙂

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