Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham is a local Windsor Ontario Hypnotist, known as Hypnotist JimmyG who does stage hypnosis shows across Canada and the United States.
Graham first discovered hypnosis when he was twenty three years old by ordering a make more money hypnosis program out of a Rolling Stone magazine classified ad.
The ad stated that you could double your income in 30 days by listening to an audio hypnosis program.
He sent fifteen dollars to the vendor and recieved a cassette back in returm. The instructions said to play the tape every night at bedtime which her did.
Withn two weeks, Windsor Ontario local hypnotist, James Graham had doubled his income and was hooked on hypnosis ever since.

James Graham known as a Hypnotist and Musician

At the time, Graham was a Windsor Ontario musician and used audio hypnosis programs to increase confidence, improve memory, reduce stress and more areas of self development.
James JimmyG Graham‘s music career started in Tilbury Ontario with a weekend band named Casey Jones. He was then recruited by Larry Wilson, band manager and gerneral manager of Windsor Ontario rock bar, Danny’s Tavern to play in a band called Destiny in 1981. With the band Destiny, James Graham toured across Canada and the USA playing bars and concerts in provinces including Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Graham also toured played in Michigan as well during this time.
After Destiny broke up, Jimmy Graham played in many other Windsor Ontario bands up until 2010. That was when Graham decided to become local Windsor Ontario hypnotist James Graham.
Graham flew to Las Vegas and was trained by the best local hypnotist in the area and developed JimmyG’s hypnotist comedy show.

Local Windsor Hypnotist Produces Hypnosis Programs

In addition to being a local area hypnotist in Windsor Ontario, James Graham also provides self improvement audio hypnosis programs to help people quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better, reduce stress, increase confidence, improve memory, focus better and so much more.
Windsor Ontario hypnotist James Graham also works with people in private online hypnosis sessions where his hypnosis clients can enjoy the local hypnotist consultation sessions from the privacy and comfort of their own home. During these online hypnotist coaching sessions, Jimmy Graham’s hypnotist clients receive expert hypnosis advice to to help them over come their weight problems, smoking habits, stress, sleep and insomnia problems, concentration issues, memory loss, confidence issues, sugar consumption problems, pain release, and even how to make more money with mindpower programs.

Hypnotist James Graham Entertainer

Local Windsor Ontario Hypnotist, James Graham is always available to perform at corporate events and banquettes, charity events, fairs, festivals, high schools, colleges, universities, resorts, campgrounds and private parties.
Graham’s hypnosis website, MindPower Programs is always available to provide hypnosis audio program downloads as well.
You can contact Windsor Ontario local hypnotist, James Graham here on his Hypnotist JimmyG website.

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