Planning An Event? Here are 4 Event Planning Tips To Get It Right!

Event Planning Tips

How can you make your next AGM, sales retreat, association meeting, staff Christmas party,  company function or banquette an amazing time for your organization?

The answer is to make it unique, interactive, fun and exciting with outstanding and memorable entertainment!

Many event planners are concerned about the venue, the food, the decorations, and timing. Unfortunately choosing the entertainment is sometimes left until the end of the planning process.

By this time, most of the event budget has been used up and they are forced to hire entertainment with the small funds that remain.

As a result, the only options left become the local DJ, comedian, juggler or kids magician which may not provide their guests with the amazingly memorable experience you were hoping for.

With low budget entertainment, they may also worry that the material covered by the comedian will not be corporate friendly, the magician will be doing kids birthday party tricks and making bad jokes, or the juggler who claims that their flame throwing baton act is completely safe really isn’t.

This may be due to a previous experience with an unprofessional performer or a horror story from a colleague.

But by planning in advance and dedicating a 25-50% portion of your entire event budget towards entertainment in advance first, you will be able to secure an act that adds tremendous value to your event and who makes it a fun, memorable, positive experience for everyone.

The right corporate entertainer will get your group involved with shared laughter and shared experiences that can create team unity.

And possibly more important, hiring a professional entertainer who also motivates and inspires your guests can help you relay your event’s message to your group.

So what should you look for when hiring a professional entertainer?

1. The entertainment should be “corporate friendly”. This means that the performance should be clean language, non-embarrassing, and G-PG rated depending on the event planner’s requests.

2. Guests should not be put on the spot or humiliated in any way, shape or form.

3. It should be interactive. Shared laughter is a wonderful bonding experience. It creates camaraderie, strengthens friendships and promotes deeper trust.

4. The entertainment you hire should be unique and interactive. Events lose their appeal when they feature the “same thing as last year”. Search to bring your audience something that is new and that they will be excited to see.

By using these 4 event planning tips, you can make your next event a memorable experience that not only succeeds in entertaining your audience, but can also drive home your company message and objectives which creates a great double return on your investment!

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