Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Real?

Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Real?

Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Real
Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Real – Hypnotist JimmyG Tells All

Comedy hypnosis shows are one of the most amazing entertainment experiences for most people who love a good laugh.
In fact, they are so memorable that people who have seen one as long as 20 years ago, will still remember how much fun it was to watch other people becoming hypnotized under a hypnotist’s spell and doing funny things. With that begin said, most people today still wonder… are comedy hypnosis shows real?

That somehow, the hypnotist has either paid the hypnosis volunteers to do these funny things or that he brings them in by bus and has them act their way thru his or her hypnotist show. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that each of us experiences every single day and automatically when we go to bed at night.

It’s called daydreaming or trance. And all the hypnotist has to do is lead willing volunteers back into that natural state and they go into hypnosis.
So if you wonder, are comedy hypnosis shows real, it’s time to set the record straight.


Some people think that the Hypnotist hires people to play along with his suggestions. Here’s what would have to happen to pull that off.
The hypnotist would have to hire 10-20 people to be in his hypnotist show every night.
Even at $50 per person, that cost him $500-1000 dollars every night for wannabe actors to play along in his little hypnosis skits.
Also consider that if he had 10-20 friends to help him out at every show, he would still have to drive them from town to town, feed them and provide accommodations for everyone.

2nd Comedy Hypnosis Show Fact

When you see a comedy stage hypnotist show, you will notice that 10 to 20 people will be asked to volunteer to be in the show.
The comedy hypnotist may do a mind game test to see who will make the best subjects.
Once this takes place, you may notice that some people refuse to participate which is fine.
Any stage hypnotist who knows what he’s doing doesn’t want resistant people anyway. The hypnotist will be looking for people who are genuinely interested in experiencing the phenomena of hypnosis in a comedy stage show setting.
So doesn’t it make sense to realize that if everyone was “faking it”, they would play along with this part of the hypnosis show too?

3rd Comedy Hypnosis Show Fact

During the show, people will slump in their chairs when the stage hypnotist says “SLEEP!”

Grown women and men are naturally reserved when it comes to physical contact in public, and especially at a company Christmas party entertainment event. Yet you may see them peacefully leaning up against one another and resting their heads on the shoulder of someone beside them.
I doubt they would do this naturally for a whole 60-minute comedy hypnotist show if they weren’t hypnotized.

4th Comedy Hypnosis Show Fact

Imagine if you were at a hypnosis show and suddenly, your meek, shy friend, neighbor or family member suddenly started flying around the stage like a superhero and saving audience members from evil villains.
Or maybe a group of people you know suddenly lost their butts at the snap of the hypnotist’s finger and could no longer sit down on their chairs.
Can you explain that?

5th Comedy Hypnosis Show Fact

Some of the top professional comedy hypnotists do what is known in the stage hypnosis show industry as a “post-hypnotic suggestion”
What this means is that before the hypnotist wakes his hypnosis volunteers, he will give them a suggestion to do AFTER they are awake.
For instance, the hypnotist may say,  after you awaken, if you hear someone say “Peanut Butter”, you’ll clap your hands 3 times and yell out “Jam”.
The is proof positive that the comedy hypnosis show is real because the show is already over so there is no longer any requirement for anyone to keep “faking it”. 🙂

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Comedy Hypnotist JimmyG aka James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht. is professional touring stage hypnotist providing safe, clean, fun power of the mind demonstrations, keynote speeches, and subliminal sales seminars and workshops and has been a professional entertainer in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

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