How To Use Hypnosis For Self Improvement

How to use self hypnosis for self improvement

How To Use Hypnosis For Self Improvement

How to use self hypnosis for self improvement
How to use self hypnosis for self improvement

If you’re wondering how to use hypnosis for self-improvement, this article is for you. 

Self-hypnosis is a great tool for goal setting and personal development. Most people are surprised at how easy it is to learn self-hypnosis. And self-hypnosis, in turn, makes a lot of things much easier for you to learn as well.

Self-improvement using hypnosis is usually thought of as a person listening to a digital audio program, mp3, or other type of personal development media, which helps the listener to relax and open up to receive suggestions centered around a specific topic such as  increasing your income dating confidence weight loss stop smoking , etc.

Audio hypnosis programs are a great way for you to start experiencing hypnosis and improving your life to become better since you simply listen to them either while you sleep or when you relax

How do you incorporate hypnosis into your self-improvement practice?

To be successful with self-improvement hypnosis programs, there are certain hypnotist aspects that should be addressed.

The best hypnosis program you could use for self-improvement would be one you create yourself. This way you would be able to address the exact deeply personal issues that may be sabotaging your personal development.

Unlike general topic audio hypnosis programs, this hypnosis session would be made for the exact personal issue you want to address. This would include the precise words and phrases that mean the most to you.  So a “perfect” self-hypnosis program would have to be crafted by the person using it to suit his or her own needs.

This would entail buying recording software, a microphone, learning basic audio engineering and then writing out and recording each hypnosis program script …  And THAT’S A LOT OF WORK!

With that being said, you still can easily use the DIY method (Do It Yourself) because everytime you relax, you go into a hypnotic trance state.

Below is a Quick Process That Explains How To Use Hypnosis For Self Improvement

1. Write down in a positive statement ONE GOAL you want to achieve.
EXAMPLE – “I wake up every day at 6am refreshed, energized and excited to start my day”

2. Find a quiet place to sit and be alone so you can relax without interruption AND TURN OFF ALL DEVICES (phone, computer, tv, radio, etc)

3. Make sure you are sitting NOT lying down (you may fall asleep). Take 3 deep breaths in thru nose and exhale thru your mouth. On the 3rd exhalation, close your eyes.

4. Begin repeating your statement. EXAMPLE – “I wake up every day at 6am refreshed, energized and excited to start my day”. See yourself doing it, feeling it, touching it, smelling it, hearing it.

5. Continue imagining actually experiencing what you want for at least 3-5 minutes. Then take 3 deep breaths in thru your nose and out thru your mouth while smiling and feeling proud of honoring yourself with this incredible gift of using hypnosis for self-improvement.

Finally, make a promise to yourself to put the practice of self-hypnosis into your daily life and schedule it daily. By doing this, it will become an automatic habit for you.

James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht. is the president of MindPower Presentations Inc
He tours across Canada & the USA demonstrating the amazing powers of the mind in his fun, interactive hypnosis presentation, Hypnotist JimmyG’s MindPower Comedy Show!

He helps entrepreneurs  get focused, stay motivated and produce results  with his blog,  Motivation For Marketers
And he helps people  lose weight, stop smoking and more  with his  MindPower Programs

And he teaches how you can use the power of your mind to create the life you want in the  Manifest Success Club .

Does Hypnosis Work?

Does hypnosis work

Does Hypnosis Work?

Does hypnosis work
Does hypnosis work

Working with hypnosis as a Hypnotist and a MindPower Programs coach is very rewarding. I get the privilege of helping people understand how their thoughts create their reality and work with people who want to achieve better results in their lives. But still people ask, does hypnosis work?

In fact, there is never really a day that I get out of bed and think ‘oh no – another boring day at work’ as each and every day brings many more new hypnosis clients and many more new challenges that always keeps me on my toes.

Many people also find my job fascinating and I am never short of anything to say when I am with friends or meeting new people as that age-old question always arises about what I do!

Actually, someone asked me the other night – “You’re a hypnotist.  Does hypnosis work?’ I always laugh and say ‘of course not, don’t be so ridiculous!’

Of course, I’m joking with them but it still amazes me that people still don’t actually believe that Hypnosis can work.

To put it simply, hypnosis is simply the act of giving, receiving and most importantly, accepting suggestions.

For instance… imagine me saying this to you,
“I’m hungry, do you feel hungry too?”

A second ago, you may not have had any feelings of hunger but once I suggested it, you may now suddenly feel a desire to eat.

Do you??

If you now feel like eating, you just experienced hypnosis!

I gave you a suggestion. You received the suggestion. Then you accepted the suggestion and a result (feeling hungry) was achieved.

Still skeptical? Are you one of these people that still believe that it can’t be that easy?

Well if you are, then it might be time that you woke up to the fact that your being hypnotized all the time.

Every time you watch TV, listen to the radio, read a book, listen to a speaker or even your own self-talk you are being hypnotized.

Hypnosis is going on all around you so you may want to start paying attention to how your being hypnotized and how your inadvertently hypnotizing other people too. Once your aware that self-hypnosis is always happening, then you can start to use it to improve your life.

Hypnosis can help you get you the life that you want and to help you to attain the things that you want to have.

One question I always ask my clients is ‘what would you achieve if nothing was impossible?’

The reason that I ask this is that as we grow into adulthood we stop using our ability to set high ambitions like we did as kids and we start to create limitations and reasons why we can’t achieve certain things.

We actually begin to decide whether something is impossible or not – that’s right we actually set the limit on what is impossible!

As I said – Hypnosis is a viable option to achieve your goals.

So I want to ask you the question – what would you achieve if nothing was impossible?

Would you quit smokinglose weightget more confidencemake more money, improve your relationship or release that stress?

These are all things that people regularly use Hypnosis for.

The bottom line: Does hypnosis work?

The anwer is YES!

Isn’t it time that you started to find out more information about how you can use Hypnosis to improve your own life?

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Hypnotist JimmyG Featured in OurWindsor Magazine

Hypnotist JimmyG Featured in OurWindsor Magazine

Hypnotist Jimmyg Featured in OurWindsor Magazine

Hypnotist JimmyG Featured in OurWindsor Magazine
Hypnotist JimmyG Featured in OurWindsor Magazine

Comedy Stage Show Hypnotist JimmyG was recently featured in the magazine

In the article, he explains how hypnosis works and the basic premises of a comedy stage hypnosis show.

Hypnotist JimmyG aka Jimmy Graham C.H. also shares his passion for helping others master their lives with self-help programs like audio hypnosis programs and success coaching through his company, MindPower Programs.

You’ll also discover some inside secrets to his hypnotic comedy show as well as his personal likes and dislikes.

The interview about hypnotist JimmyG was written by Rebecca Canty and was published November 25, 2014.

You can read the entire article here. To discover hypnosis and how to hypnotize yourself and others, download hypnotist JimmyG’s latest book, “How Hypnosis Can Help You!”
Download your free copy here

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show
How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show

When I get calls from clients who are looking for new and different party entertainment for events, I usually get asked, How To Host A Successful Comedy Hypnosis Show?”

A lot of people have seen a hypnotist show before but all they really remember is that there were people on stage who went to “sleep”, then woke up and started doing funny things.

What they don’t see is the psychological set-up and planning that goes into making a comedy hypnotist show successful.

There are 5 processes that must occur for a comedy hypnosis show to end with a rousing standing ovation.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #1 that must take place starts weeks before the stage hypnotist even begins his amazing entertainment. And that is the promotion of the hypnosis show in the first place.

Since the general public still wonders if comedy hypnosis shows are real and are leary of hypnotists because they believe hypnosis is some kind of mind control, people must be informed well in advance that the entertainment at their event will be a hypnotist comedy show.

This allows people to get over the initial shock and surprise of the idea and begin to consider what it would be like to volunteer to be hypnotized in the hypnotist show.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #2 begins at the entertainment event where upbeat trance music may be played to get people into the right frame of mind. The hypnosis show stage will be already set with chairs lined up waiting for volunteers and banners showing the stage hypnotist displayed nearby for the audience to get acquainted with.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #3 begins with the carefully worded introduction of the comedy hypnotist. The MC will be given a prewritten introduction that contains certain phrases designed to put the audience at ease and build the authority of the hypnosis performer.  From there, the stage hypnotist will then take over and use humor as well as NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Langauge Patterns) to explain the hypnotist comedy show and entice the audience members to willingly volunteer to be in the comedy hypnosis show.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #4  is the selection of the hypnosis show audience volunteers. The comedy hypnotist will conduct several tests to discover who will make the best subjects and then invite those people to join him onstage to experience full trance hypnosis. Once enough volunteers are hypnotized, the stage hypnotist will then proceed to lead them thru a number of fun experiences which will create comedy by way of their personal reactions to these hypnotic situations.

Hypnotist Comedy Show Process #5 happens at the end of the performance. This is when the hypnotist show begins to wrap up and the hypnotist will bring the volunteers out the hypnosis trance, leaving them wide awake, refreshed and feeling better than ever.

So there you have it. These are the 5 processes that must happen to make a successful hypnotist comedy show.

If any of these 5 processes are skipped, ESPECIALLY the first process on the list, the hypnosis comedy show may not be quite as exciting and amazing as it should be and could quite possibly end with no-one being hypnotized.

BUT when these 5 processes are followed, the entertainment results can be absolutely mesmerizing and life-changing for all people attending your hypnotist comedy show event.

Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment Ideas

Party Entertainment Services
Party Entertainment Services

Most people are not event planners but sometimes get put in the position of planning a company Christmas party or corporate event and need party entertainment ideas.

The first thing most newly appointed party planners do is think of what was done in years past and then want to do something different than what was done before. The bad news is most party entertainment services have been done to death.

Also, what happens is that most staff Christmas parties or corporate banquettes are planned by an event committee and everyone has their own idea of what is and what isn’t good party entertainment.

First, let’s take a look at what has been the most popular or shall we say “typical” top five party entertainment ideas that have been hired in the past.

Top Five Party Entertainment Services

1/ Disc Jockeys – Hiring a Disc Jockey or “DJ” is probably the number one most popular party entertainment idea. This form of event entertainment has been around since the 1960 sock hop days and is still a viable option for Christmas staff party committees who really don’t have much of a budget to work with. You can get someone to dj an event for a couple hundred bucks or rent a couple of speakers and ask your co-workers to play music from their smart phones.

2/ Bands – Hiring a band used to be very popular fifteen or twenty years ago as listening and dancing to music was the highlight of any corporate party event. Also, company parties had larger budgets for corporate entertainment, so the cost of paying for a band was more affordable for most corporations. Unfortunately, most people find bands too loud and unless their a hugely popular band like AC/DC or Bon Jovi, no-one really cares about bands anymore.

3/ Gaming Centers – Renting out a gaming center to hold your company event party or corporate retreat has become more of a trend in recent years. Gaming centers have all sorts of video games from dance competition games to first-person shooter games to classic video games like PacMan and Centipede. The idea is that the rental would come with the unlimited use of the games for the rental period. The drawbacks here are that the venue has a “children’s party” feel to it and it probably isn’t licensed to serve alcohol which is a must at any company party event.

4/ Murder Mysteries –  Having a murder mystery as your party entertainment at your event is unique. A theater troupe consisting of five to ten people will come in and mingle in costume and play out a scenario where someone is murdered at your party event. It is then up to your guests/witnesses to solve the murder and figure out who did it. I’ve seen this work very successfully at small events or dinner parties with fifteen to forty people and fail miserably at larger party events. The reason being is that in large event crowds, the whole story gets lost and the majority of the people lose interest in playing along with the entertainment.

5/ Karaoke – Karaoke is a very interactive form of party entertainment and used to be all the rage way back in the 1980s and 1990s. Usually, karaoke is provided by a disc jockey service and the DJ is the “host”. The host would invite members of the audience to come up and sing their favorite songs and everyone would cheer them on. This is a hit or miss type of entertainment because sometimes people are too afraid to sing in front of others and other times you may get someone who doesn’t want to stop singing.

Alternative Types of Party Entertainment

There are other types of party entertainment ideas like kid’s magicians, jugglers, balloon artists, and clowns but they are more suited for children’s parties as opposed to corporate events or company staff parties.

The bottom line is, nothing is more uniques, amazing and memorable than a comedy hypnotist show.  With a clean, safe trusted professional hypnotist, your staff Christmas party or corporate event will be the most talked about event party for years to come.

Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham is a local Windsor Ontario Hypnotist, known as Hypnotist JimmyG who does stage hypnosis shows across Canada and the United States.
Graham first discovered hypnosis when he was twenty three years old by ordering a make more money hypnosis program out of a Rolling Stone magazine classified ad.
The ad stated that you could double your income in 30 days by listening to an audio hypnosis program.
He sent fifteen dollars to the vendor and recieved a cassette back in returm. The instructions said to play the tape every night at bedtime which her did.
Withn two weeks, Windsor Ontario local hypnotist, James Graham had doubled his income and was hooked on hypnosis ever since.

James Graham known as a Hypnotist and Musician

At the time, Graham was a Windsor Ontario musician and used audio hypnosis programs to increase confidence, improve memory, reduce stress and more areas of self development.
James JimmyG Graham‘s music career started in Tilbury Ontario with a weekend band named Casey Jones. He was then recruited by Larry Wilson, band manager and gerneral manager of Windsor Ontario rock bar, Danny’s Tavern to play in a band called Destiny in 1981. With the band Destiny, James Graham toured across Canada and the USA playing bars and concerts in provinces including Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Graham also toured played in Michigan as well during this time.
After Destiny broke up, Jimmy Graham played in many other Windsor Ontario bands up until 2010. That was when Graham decided to become local Windsor Ontario hypnotist James Graham.
Graham flew to Las Vegas and was trained by the best local hypnotist in the area and developed JimmyG’s hypnotist comedy show.

Local Windsor Hypnotist Produces Hypnosis Programs

In addition to being a local area hypnotist in Windsor Ontario, James Graham also provides self improvement audio hypnosis programs to help people quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better, reduce stress, increase confidence, improve memory, focus better and so much more.
Windsor Ontario hypnotist James Graham also works with people in private online hypnosis sessions where his hypnosis clients can enjoy the local hypnotist consultation sessions from the privacy and comfort of their own home. During these online hypnotist coaching sessions, Jimmy Graham’s hypnotist clients receive expert hypnosis advice to to help them over come their weight problems, smoking habits, stress, sleep and insomnia problems, concentration issues, memory loss, confidence issues, sugar consumption problems, pain release, and even how to make more money with mindpower programs.

Hypnotist James Graham Entertainer

Local Windsor Ontario Hypnotist, James Graham is always available to perform at corporate events and banquettes, charity events, fairs, festivals, high schools, colleges, universities, resorts, campgrounds and private parties.
Graham’s hypnosis website, MindPower Programs is always available to provide hypnosis audio program downloads as well.
You can contact Windsor Ontario local hypnotist, James Graham here on his Hypnotist JimmyG website.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotists

Windsor Ontario Hypnotists

There are just a few Windsor Ontario hypnotists that provide hypnosis services in Windsor Ontario Canada.
While there are many myths and misconceptions about hypnotists and hypnosis, the hypnotists in Windsor Ontario are completely professional and ethical in their hypnosis practices.
The list of hypnosis services provided by hypnotists in Windsor includes helping people overcome health, relationship and career issues that are causing them to not be as successful as they could be.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist Services

For example, health-related issues include using hypnosis for weight loss, being hypnotized to quit smoking, reducing stress, increasing confidence, improving memory, reducing insomnia and sleeping better and much more.
For relationship issues, some examples of what Windsor hypnotists can use hypnosis to help people to get over emotional traumas and release past negative memories.
For career issues, for example, Windsor Ontario hypnosis sessions can be used to break thru psychological barriers around selling, sales, money blocks, self-worth and much much more.

Qualified Hypnotists in Windsor Ontario

There are many qualified Windsor Ontario Hypnotists available to assist people seeking a better alternative to help with their personal issues.
The first Windsor Ontario hypnotist of note is Attila Kun. Mr. Kun is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Hypno Coach, Nutritional Specialist. He has degrees from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta – 1996, Registered with the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners – 1998, Registered with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 2009, Founder of Hypnosis Academy Hungary – 2008, National Guild of Hypnotists – 2007, Psychology University of Idaho and University of Windsor – 2007, 2010, Hypnosis School Owner Registered by International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 2013, President of Integrative Hypnosis Association – 2014 and the Nutrition, Diet and Health Science, Ashworth College  – 2014

Second is Rick Saruna from Body And Mind Natural Health. Rick is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and was trained by Dr. Richard Harte of New York City.  Mr Saruna teaches at the NGH Convention (National Guild of Hypnotists) and has taught at the IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Association). He is certified in Complimentary Medical Hypnosis for health issues. Rick also studied and is certified in Stage Hypnosis.

The next hypnotist in Windsor Ontario is James Graham. Mr. Graham is a professional stage hypnotist who travels across Canada and the United States performing hypnotist somedy shows and also runs the self hypnosis download website,  Mind Power Programs where you can download audio hypnosis programs to help you lose weight, quit smoking, sleep better, reduce stress and so much more. 

There’s also two other businesses listed as Windsor Ontario Hypnotists. One is called Positive Potentials Unlimited. This Windsor hypnosis business does not have any information or website, so at this time, it’s unclear whether they are still in the Windsor hypnotist business.

The second Windsor hypnotist business is called Hypno-Dynamics but the website shows clothing ads, so it’s assumed that this hypnotist in Windsor is no longer in business either.

Still, there are three very qualified Windsor Ontario hypnotists that can help you with health, relationship and career issues that you may be struggling with and want to overcome.

And there is one hypnotist James Graham in Windsor Ontario that provide amazing entertainment and a night of good, clean, laugh a minute fun for corporate events, charity events, fairs, festivals, high school, college and university events.
To contact Hypnotist James Graham, click the link. 

Windsor Hypnotist James Graham

Windsor Hypnotist James Graham

For over 20 years, Windsor Hypnotist James Graham or JimmyG as the people of his hometown Windsor Ontario know him has been delivering a mix of professional hypnosis with comedy to create one of the most unique comedy routines you’ll ever see!
Hypnotist James Graham is a corporate entertainer, but don’t let the boring word of corporate scare you away. Graham delivers a Windsor Ontario hypnotist show and has been entertaining for fundraisers, fairs, festivals, and school audiences.
James Graham‘s comedy hypnotist show gets people laughing hysterically, when they see their friends do some wild routines on stage and unleashed their imaginations to believe they are something they aren’t. Through his Windsor Ontario hypnotist profession over the years, James has also motivated people to success in many areas of life.

Who is Hypnotist James Graham?

Hypnotist James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht is also the president and founder of his own self-improvement company, MindPower Presentations Inc. which aims to provide publishing that helps people motivate themselves to success, health, wealth and even relationships!
If you’re still a little curious about Graham’s hypnosis training, James was trained personally by the great Master Hypnotist Atilla J. Khun, you might have heard of him. Graham is a qualified hypnotist individual who holds several qualifications such as a degree in Hypnotherapy from the Clinical Hypnosis Institute of Michigan, he is also certified by the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas, The Alberta Hypnosis Institute and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and is also a representative member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

How Did Windsor Hypnotist James Graham Get His Start?

James Graham found the start of his hypnotist career in a Rolling Stone magazine. He was 23 and saw an ad for a make more money hypnosis program in the magazine. The ad claimed that you could double your income in 30 days by listening to a self-hypnosis audio program. So he sent out $15 dollars to the vendor and got a cassette back. He listened to the self-hypnosis program every night at bedtime and within two weeks, Windsor Ontario Hypnotist James Graham was making twice as much money as he was before. And then he was hooked on hypnosis and started his 30 year career as an entertainer and hypnotist.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist Programs

Hypnotist James Graham provides self-improvement audio hypnosis programs like the one that started his career. He provides online hypnosis sessions. Patrons who wish to experience hypnotism in a private and intimate way can hit up James for an online session.
This local Windsor Ontario hypnotist also helps with hypnotism back guidance and advice for weight problems, smoking habits, insomnia, flight mindedness, pain release, concentration and of course how to increase your income, a practice Graham can himself vouch for!

James is always available to perform at corporate events, fundraisers, fairs, festivals, school events, university events, and even private parties. A hypnotist comedy show mixed with a hypnotism routine is a unique type of show and no one owns the niche type of hypnotist entertainment such as Graham does. Some would say he’s transformed the comedy hypnosis show niche and he’s made it into his own brand.
To contact Windsor Hypnotist James Graham, go to to see if Graham is available to entertain your next corporate event or party.